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Come and learn the ancient art of knife throwing in our safe and stunning location.

South Yorkshire knife throwing

When most people think of knives, only two images come to mind.  Cooking or Crime.  Knife throwing of course is neither of those and is an interesting and challenging third image to have of knives
From the traditional  circus act, to the ninja in the movies  we have all  seen a knife thrown and i bet you thought  “that looks cool”. 
learning how to do that is a great way to spend an hour, you will be shown the knives, how to hold them, How to move your wrist and arm, how to release, and you will hear the resounding and satisfying sound of THUNK  as they hit the target.

Throwing knives are not sharp, they could not cut butter! and of course, you are throwing them AWAY from yourself so it could hardly be a safer sport.

I provide knives for the session  but you are welcome to bring your own should you have some.  I do reserve the option though to suggest you don’t use them if they should be unsuitable.

Carrying £10,000,000  of Public liability insurance, I can offer one hour long tutorial sessions at my private  range.  
Maximum 3 people per session £10 per person.  

Risk assessments available on request.

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No Spin. Knife throwing tutorial

I have also created a google map  Uk Throwing Mapto show all the locations i can find in the UK where there are  Knife/Axe/etc  throwing clubs  and commercial businesses where you can pay to throw.  Plus a few online shops where you can buy knives. I do not advise you buy anything as light as a ballpoint pen (there are loads of these for sale.  They WILL bounce out of a target and they WILL embed themselves into your flesh!

I do though suggest that if you have a throwing range close i would advise you visit one and try out some of their knives first.


I also now run am open throw evening.  Wednesday’s  7pm until 9pm.    All Welcome. 
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