There are two major throwing styles



The ability to throw weapons under varied circumstances that becomes second nature. This involves reliably throwing weapons from unknown distances without the need for distance markers, counting paces, dialing in, guessing sweet spots, or luck. The rotation of the weapon is controlled, rather than the distance to the target. This allows weapons to be thrown consistently from ANY distance within the limit of a thrower’s abilities. In theory, there is no cap to the amount of rotation that can be utilized, but no-spin and half-spin throwing techniques are the primary and most common methods.



Rotational throwing refers to any technique in which the knife rotates end-over-end during its trajectory. The knife may be gripped by the handle or the blade. Half-spin is accomplished with a blade grip and approximately 180° of rotation. Full spin 360 of rotation, and upwards
Rotational throwing is distance specific.  If you can throw a half spin from 2.5m  then you are likely to find it difficult at any other distances

When tutoring  rotational is normally taught first as its a quicker way to achieve some successful thows

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