South Yorkshire Knife Throwing 

Sheffield knife throwing
Barnsley knife throwing






23rd April 2020     Just playing around with Slow Motion

18th April 2020      made monster

17th April 2020     First try Friday, hit a stick

14th April 2020     Bimstyle finger placement, 2m G1

14th April 2020      Day 1, BimStyle, finger placement.

11th April 2020      Slo Mo.

10th April 2020      FtF Balloon and bonus dance.

5th April 2020           I made a box

4th April 2020         First time friday, Walking.

1st April 2020         Trying underhand throws

31st March 2020   Grip details

31st March 2020   Trying different grip

29th March 2020   SKANF

26th March 2020   International co-operation.

25th March 2020   3 Knives 3 Metres 1 hand 1 throw (repeated)

23rd March 2020  5m no spin very sweaty.

21st March 2020    3 Knives one throw.

20th March 2020   5 Metres No Spin

20th March 2020  First Try Friday Kickup.

13th March 2020 First Try Friday  Gaffa Tape.

4th March 2020   Turn Throw Stick

21st Feb 2020     Just 3 knives

1st Feb 2020       Full Spin 3.5m

31st Jan 2020     A bunch of knives

29th Jan 2020     First 6 throws after a 2 week break.

9th Jan  2020      DXB Viserys. first throws.

4th Dec 2019      10 knives, No spin

28th Oct 2019     First no spin throws.

9th Sept 2019     Be nicer to trees.